January 24, 2012

Personalized Certificates

Thought I would share a little tutorial of sorts for a personalized certificate that was made for our single adult minister at church. We were having a costume party and decided that we would recognize her for all she does for the single adults.

Don't know that I would actually call this a tutorial so much but this is what I put together.

This is basically all you need: frame, scrapbook paper and clear translucent paper found in scrapbook section. I did try Vellum but the design of the colored paper behind didn't show up as well.

Below is a closer shot of the translucent paper. All you do is print on the clear paper and layer in your frame. You probably will need to cut down to size but it can't get any easier than that. Try different colored papers and test the color effect before you cut. I found the brighter the color behind the better the appearance in the front.

Below is a close up shot of the wording. You could do this for a wide variety of certificates and awards. Especially considering you could do any kind of font and color combo. You can put in a simple frame like this one or a fancier frame to suit the recipient.

Have a blessed day!

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